Korean Combi Blinds Automated Systems

These are the newer automated korean combi blinds systems imported directly from Korea.

There are two semi-auto systems and one full-auto system that do not require any external power source at all!

Watch the video or if you prefer to read, the transcript is just below the video.

Hello everybody, I’m Timothy from Direct Curtain here.

Today I’m here to introduce to you some of the newer systems in our company.

The first one I’ll demonstrate for you – is the traditional way of the combi blinds.

This one is called the one-string system. We always use it to pull up and down using this one-string system.

And you adjust [the gaps] using this pulley system.

Today, I am going introduce to you another kind of system, we called it the semi automation system.

I give you a scenario. For example, when you go back home and want to get ready to sleep, you’ll always want to put down the blind right?

It’s important because you need it to be blackout.

So we have this system, which we call it as the Hold-Down system.

You just simply have to just hold the line, pull it down by a bit, the whole thing will go down, but you need to hold on to it, until the desired height, you just release, it will stop.

Hold again….it will stop (as it reached the end.)

So for those people that are very lazy to pull down the blinds when you want to go sleep, you may want to use this kind of system. You just have to hold, and the blind will go down.

But, when you wake up in the morning, when you want to pull up the blind, you still have to do it the traditional way.

That’s why it is called the semi-automation system.

The other type that we have for the semi-automation system, we call it the Touch-Down system.

So this one is more convenient.

I’ll give you a scenario.

When I come back from work, I want to put down the blinds, I want to sleep, I’ll just pull the blind (once), it will roll down by itself.

Instead of holding on to it, it will go down by itself. If you want it to stop, you just pull again.

All the way down? Just leave it and it will go all the way down.

But same thing, in the morning when you wake up, you still have to pull all the way up, that’s why it’s called the semi-automated system.

The other one I want to introduce to you is called the battery operated system. No need power point.

All is battery operated.

If no battery, you just need to use the power bank or USB port to charge it.

So I’ll show you how to use it.

This one is for people – scenario: you come back from work, just press one button, you can go and do your things already.

The blinds will go down by itself.

And when you wake up, same thing, just have to click up.

The blind will go up, and you can just go toilet and brush your teeth or do whatever you want.

We have two controllers..one is this stick, the other type is this remote controller. Come together with it.

That’s all for today.

I hope that this kind of system will help you know more about the Combi Blinds.

If you need anything, you want to test the blinds, you want to come down and see the blinds, please feel free to book a slot through our website.

See you!

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