Social Sharing Reward Program (Zip Blinds)



1. Get up to $100 for sharing a video on your social media and tagging us.

2. For every new customer that came in via your post, both of you will get another cool $50 each!

Get rewarded for sharing a short video on how you are using the newly transformed space with the zip blinds.

(The video just need to be minimum 10 seconds long.)

Do remember to tag us too!

For posting on 3 platforms or more, you will receive $100 in total. (You will still receive a cool $50 for a single social media post.)

To make things easy, you can just repeat the same post on:
– Instagram
– Facebook
– TikTok
– Xiao Hong Shu (小红书)

Below are a few templates to help you get started if you are not feeling creative at the moment. 🙂

I couldn’t be happier with how my balcony has turned out. It’s become my go-to spot for relaxation, gatherings with friends, or even some quiet ‘me’ time.

If you’re looking to transform your outdoor space, check out the Zip Blinds from They’ve turned my balcony into a little slice of paradise right in my own home.

Oh yeah, they are happy to give you a $50 off if you mention my exclusive time-limited promo code: XXXXX. Visit their website at today!

#DirectCurtain #DirectZip #ZipBlinds #BalconyMakeover #TransformBalcony

Say goodbye to harsh sunlight and hello to comfort with these Zip Blinds! The Zip Blinds are not only functional but also stylish, transforming my balcony into a cozy retreat.

You can visit their website at for more details.

Don’t forget to mention my time-limited promo code XXXXX for an exclusive $50 discount!

#DirectCurtain #DirectZip #ZipBlinds #BalconyMakeover #BalconyUpgrade

These Zip Blinds offer the perfect balance of style and functionality for my balcony. You can also upgrade your outdoor space with them. 

Visit their website at to learn more about the Zip Blinds.

Don’t forget to mention my exclusive time-limited promo code XXXXX to receive $50 off your order!

#DirectCurtain #DirectZip #ZipBlinds #BalconyMakeover #BalconyUpgrade

Remember to:

1. Set your posts as public posts so we can check.

2. Tag your posts with the 3 hashtags: #directcurtain #directzip #zipblinds (add more creative ones as desired.)

3. Send us your usernames for the various platforms so we can verify them. Also send us your Paynow number to get ready for the payout.

4. After about 2 weeks when the posts go live, you will receive the payout via Paynow!


For every customer that signed up with your promo code, you will receive a cool $50 and there is no cap to the number of referrals. You can refer as many as you want.

So you will get $50 and each of your referral get $50, that’s a win-win for you and your friends!

We will track your referrals with your assigned unique promo code.

Message us to get your promo code now!

P.S. This program is only available for our existing Zip Blinds customers.

Note: Terms & Conditions apply. Minimum sales order of $975 is required to qualify. Fraud and abuse cases will be investigated. This promo offer might change from time to time, please refer to this webpage for the latest updates.

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