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Day Curtains

Day Curtains are made of thin, soft, sheer fabrics. They gently filter daylight to come through in style and yet enhance privacy.

Day curtains are typically used together with Night curtains to provide flexible light control, as well as to achieve a timless layered window look.

Night Curtains

Night Curtain offers more privacy and gives a full, professional appearance. They greatly reduce the light and heat coming into your room. 

With a wide range of solid colour options, you will be sure to find a colour that suits your decor style.

There are two broad categories: Dimout curtains offer 80-95% light blockage while Blackout curtain offers 100% light blockage for complete privacy


Night curtains are often layered with Day curtains for a contemporary, sophisticated look.

Pink Night Curtains with White Day Curtains Singapore

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curtains with microflex hooks in singapore

Microflex® Hooks

Authentic Microflex® Hooks are imported from Holland to be sewn into the curtains directly. They are washable together with the curtains in the washing machine.

No more struggles with removing/installing or missing curtain hooks. Save time when washing your curtains in future.

*The first & last hook of each curtain piece are removable metal hooks. Remove them during wash.

Quality curtain features.

Enjoy top quality without compromises.

Easy Care​

Machine washable, dryer and steam-iron friendly. Easy maintenance.

Double Pleated​​

All the curtains are double pleated to add that extra full and luxurious look to your home.

Wide Width Fabric

Achieve a consistent look and feel for large areas without additional stitching/joining.

Made in Singapore

Our curtains are locally sewn with industrial sewing machine and assembled right here in Singapore. This ensures fast delivery.

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