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SHYZIP® [Japan]


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Enter the desired width & height for each panel of zip blind in meters. (Limit each panel width to 3m.) The price will be automatically estimated.

Motor included for zip blind >0.65m width. A minimum charge based on 50 sqft size applies per panel of zip blind.
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At the heart of the ShyZip Blind system lies the patented SHYZIP® Zip fastener system, which is made in Japan. That is the secret which guarantees that the zip blind fabric is firmly locked into the side tracks and will never be pulled out even under strong wind.

Our ShyZip Blind also uses SheerWeave® fabric from Phifer USA & the high quality Dooya motor from China. (Click here to learn more about the ShyZip System.)

Check out actual homes’ ShyZip blinds pics & videos in the gallery, and imagine how the ShyZip Blind can transform your outdoor space.


This ShyZip Blind System is proudly assembled in Singapore with direct after-sales support from local factory.

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(* Do check with your MA office the approved colours to see if we can match before proceeding.)


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ShyZip Blinds Warranty Info

1) Please note that the ShyZip Blind system is not a 100% air-tight nor water-tight solution. It is a lightweight structure and should not be expected to perform like windows/doors for full protection.

2) 5 Years Warranty for the Motor, Brackets, Related Accessories and Parts only. (Labour Charge is waived for the 1st and 2nd Year. Labour Charge is applicable depending on prevailing rates for the 3rd Year to 5th Year).

3) 5 Years Full Service Warranty – Blinds Workmanship, Installation & Technical defects that occured on the ShyZip Blind System.

4) All Warranty is effective starting from the date of installation.

5) In summary, our warranty is simple and straightforward with just a few obvious conditions and exclusions: accident, alteration, exposure to elements, misuse, improper cleaning and maintenance, fitted in a non-domestic environment, normal wear and tear, fabrics and dyes normal fading.

6) As the fabric is an outdoor mesh by nature, it will naturally have minor imperfections due to its flexible weave material. Crease lines & minor “distortions” in the mesh are to be expected, especially in areas near the side tracks. This is especially true as the blind has been rolled up during storage & transport. Leave the blind down for a few days, over time & under sunlight, some creases/distortions may disappear while others remain. This is not a cause for concern and is considered standard. One should NOT expect the ShyZip Blind to have a solid smooth surface as the fabric will expand & contract when subject to rain, sun & wind over time.

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Phifer USA Sheerweave

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5m (Subject to accessibility)

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