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Korean Combi Blinds Introduction

  • Innovative 3-in-1 Invention

    Combines Day, Night Curtains & Roller Blinds functions into one versatile blind.

  • Contemporary Modern Look

    Stylish designs are suitable for all kinds of themes and decor.

  • Control Light Easily

    Alternate fabric panels glide over each other seamlessely. Easily adjust the amount of sun and light coming in.

Combi Blinds are relatively new as compared to other types of blinds in Singapore. They were first invented in South Korea in around 2014 and have become increasingly popular over the world, especially so in Singapore over the recent years.

The Combi Blinds combine alternate panels of opaque and translucent fabrics into two layers of fabrics, rolled up into one big piece of blind. As you pull the blinds up and down, these panels will glide over each other seamlessly.

This innovative invention gives you flexible control of the light and privacy level in a room, effectively combining the features of day + night curtains and roller blinds. We’d like to call the combi blinds a 3-in-1 blinds too.

Watch the video below for the demostration, or if you prefer to read instead, the transcript is just below the below video.

Hello everyone, I'm Timothy here from Direct Curtain. Today I'm going to show you our best-selling product in our company, the Combi Blinds.


Combi blinds have been gaining popularity in the market over the years. A lot of people have been calling these blinds different kinds of names.


For example, Rainbow blinds, Day and Night blinds, Zebra blinds, Shadow Blinds, Dual Shades Blinds and even Korean blinds as this blind is originated from South Korea.


But the actual name that we call it, it's called the Combi blinds; a short form for Combination Blinds. So, why is it called the Combi blinds?


Basically, it has the solid surface or solid fabric here and the sheer(translucent) fabric (in alternate panels) combined together into one blind.


(These alternating panels glide over each other to let your control light and privacy.)


That's why it's called the Combination Blinds.


Now let me demonstrate how this blind is being used.


For this (half-closed) position, we have the full fabric and the day (sheer fabric) together. In this position, it can give a 50% cut-off light and, at the same time, you can enjoy the privacy of your house.


When we shift to this (fully-closed) position, it can give you the full coverage of the sunlight. So you can block out the sunlight totally.


And at the same time, you can adjust the precise amount of light you want for the blinds.


Lastly, you can pull the blind all the way up, if you want to enjoy the full view of the outside scenery of the house.


So, you can see, this is a very brilliant product, that combines the day and night curtains with the traditional roller blinds, into one versatile product.


With the alternating stripes, it gives you a fantastic contemporary and modern look to your house.


And with the many colours that we provide for you, it's sure to match any furnishing in your house.


In summary, Combi blinds is practical, easy to use, and beautiful for your home.


It's perfect for all the living rooms, bedrooms, and even the offices.


So, if you want to learn more about our Combi blinds, please book a private session in our showroom through the website address below. (No obligation, no sales pressure, keep your wallet at home!)


That's all for today and in the next episode I will elaborate more on the different components of the Combi blinds.


Thank you, see you. 🙂

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  • The whole process was fuss free and convenient to clients. Good quality of curtains and rainbow blinds, efficient installation too! Super good value for reasonable price 🙂 kudos to Timothy and team!

    Katherin - Rainbow Blinds Reviewer

    Katherin Huang

  • Appreciated the fuss-free service and prompt replies. The blinds were installed professionally by their team. Thank you!

    Rachel Goh - Korean Blinds Review

    Rachel Goh

  • Direct Curtain gave an awesome sales and it’s after sales services. Love it’s blinds and its varieties of choices. Thank you Direct Curtain for the lovely blinds that blends well with my unit interior.

    Vivien Tan - Korean Blinds Review

    Vivien Tan

  • Very good experience. Everything is well organised. Price is reasonable and blinds are good.

    Ng Ngee Ping - Combi Blinds Reviewer

    Ng Ngee Ping

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