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Korean Combi Blinds Introduction

Combi Blinds are relatively new as compared to other types of blinds in Singapore. They were first invented in South Korea in around 2014 and have become increasingly popular over the world, especially so in Singapore over the recent years.

The Combi Blinds combine alternate panels of opaque and translucent fabrics into two layers of fabrics, rolled up into one big piece of blind. As you pull the blinds up and down, these panels will glide over each other seamlessly.

This clever system allows you to adjust light and privacy with a single control at your fingertips. You can also fully raise the blind to enjoy an unobstructed view.

Korean Combi Zebra Blind – Blackout Charcoal Black - night view

This innovative invention gives you flexible control of the light and privacy level in a room, effectively combining the features of day + night curtains and roller blinds. We’d like to call the combi blinds a 3-in-1 blinds too.

Our unique system also provides matching fabric on the pelmet cassette. This makes the blind looks so much better as compared to the cheap-looking aluminium covers found on other systems.

By now you can guess that the word “Combi” is actually a short form for “Combination”. Watch the video below for a thorough demonstration on the Combi Blind.

Things to note about Combi Blinds

If you have not used Combi Blinds before, there are a couple of things to take note.

1. Wind – If you have a windy place and like to keep the windows open, the combi blind will catch the wind and while swaying back & forth, the bottom bar might hit the window grilles. Although the combi blind has a short rubber damper attached to both ends of the bottom bar, some metal part of the bottom bar might still hit the grille. 

2. Light Blockage – Although 90% blackout fabric is available, a complete darkening of the room during daytime is not possible due to the ambient light seeping in from the 4 sides. If there is direct sunlight or strong ambient light, there will also be light leakage through the gaps between the front and back layer of the comb blind. Most customers are okay with it but if you are looking for complete darkening of the room, curtains are more suited. See below pic for light leakage example.

Combi Blinds Light Leakage example

3. Width Limit– Most Combi Blinds have a typical width limit of 2.5m (99″). So if you have a wider window, you will need to split the blinds into 2 sets, and there will be a small gap between both blinds, light will seep in through the gap too. See below pic for example.

Comb Blinds Gap between both blinds

Types of Combi Blinds

black-out combi blinds with happy customers

Blackout (90% Block-out) Combi Blinds

These 90% blackout or block-out combi blinds are great for complete privacy when you want to work or sleep in peace in a darkened room.

Dim-out Combi Blinds

Semi-Sheer (Dim-out) Combi Blinds allow natural light to fill up your living space while boosting privacy. It offers about 50-60% light blockage.

dim-out combi blinds with happy customers

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Katherin Huang

Appreciated the fuss-free service and prompt replies. The blinds were installed professionally by their team. Thank you!

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Rachel Goh

Direct Curtain gave an awesome sales and it’s after sales services. Love it’s blinds and its varieties of choices. Thank you Direct Curtain for the lovely blinds that blends well with my unit interior.

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Vivien Tan

Very good experience. Everything is well organised. Price is reasonable and blinds are good.

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Ng Ngee Ping

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