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Window Blinds are a sleek and minimalist option for modern homes and commercial offices in Singapore. Blinds are also easy to maintain, which is why Blinds have been gaining popularity over Curtains for use in homes.
Roller blind - one big one small

Window Blinds come in a wide range of styles & colours, from contemporary to traditional, so you can find the perfect fit for your mood and style. Plus, they’re easy to install and maintain, making them a hassle-free addition to your home.

Blinds also offer practical benefits. They give you functional control over the amount of light and privacy you want in your room.

So whether you’re trying to catch up on some sleep or binge-watch your favourite show, our blinds have got you covered. No more worrying about nosy neighbours or harsh sunlight ruining your Netflix binge session.

Blinds are divided into 2 general categories: Indoor and Outdoor Blinds. Browse below to learn about the different popular types of Blinds in Singapore today!

Indoor Blinds

From $4.90 psf

The most economical and versatile blinds. Suitable for all areas, indoors and outdoors.

From $5.90 psf

Popular type of combined day & night zebra blind. Greater flexibility over light & privacy.

From $12.90 psf

Suitable for Scandinavian or Industrial design concepts. Wide range of colours. Enjoy light, air and privacy at the same time.

From $13.90 psf

Unique design that combines the luxury feel of curtains and functionality of blinds. Add warmth and sophistication to your home.

Outdoor Blinds

From $17.90 psf

Transform your outdoor space into an indoor one to enjoy and relax in peace. Zip Blind filters light, reduce glare, heat, and offers privacy. It can also help to keep in air-conditioned cool air and block out 95% rain!

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