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Introducing the new DirectSmart™ WiFi Zip Blind motor.

Introducing the DirectSmart WiFi Zip Blind Motor
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Control your zip blinds to specific height with position feedback via the 2-Way WiFi link. This makes your Zip Blinds a truly smart system.
Control the Zip Blinds via a free mobile app, or integrate it with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa setups easily. Now you can enjoy a full smart home experience.

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Zip Blinds Introduction

Zip Blinds (also known as Zip Track Blinds) have been increasingly popular in Singapore over the last few years.

Many homeowners like to use Zip Blinds to convert their outdoor space into an indoor one to enjoy & relax in peace. This helps to extend the living space greatly. 

In their newly reclaimed space: some use their laptops to work or play, some would like to enjoy a relaxing tea-break or some will enjoy alfresco dining. What would you do? 🙂

While the Zip Blinds filter light, reduce glare, heat, and offers privacy, they can also help to keep the air-conditioned cool air in and block out 95% rain!

It’s a great alternative to manual outdoor roller blinds for your balcony, patio, terrace or service yard.

Unlike the manual outdoor rollers, Zip blinds do not need the extra steel cables (used to prevent outdoor roller blinds from flapping.) Instead, Zip Blinds offer a very clean and sleek look by using the side track guides.

There are no more gaps between two blinds and with the blinds closed, you can now enjoy full protection against flying insects.

Check out actual homes’ zip blinds pics & videos in the gallery, and imagine how the Zip Blind can transform your outdoor space!

Note: Please understand that the Zip Blind system is not a 100% air-tight nor water-tight solution. It is a lightweight structure and should not be expected to perform like windows/doors for full protection.

View the transformation.

Compare Open & Closed positions.
(Drag the slider on the image up & down.)
Zip Blinds Closed in Singapore BalconyZip Blinds Open in Singapore Balcony

Zip Blinds allow you to fully enjoy and relax in your outdoor space.

Zip Blinds Installation Example Video

Important Notes on Zip Blinds

If you have not used Zip Blinds before, there are a couple of pointers to take note. Please click on them to learn more.

Zip Blinds use perforated sunscreen mesh fabrics to filter out the strong sun glare and heat.

These fabrics have tiny holes and allow you to enjoy outside scenery view during daytime, while providing you with privacy as people standing outside cannot see in.

The opposite happens as night falls, you will not be able to view outside and if your ceiling light is turned on, someone standing outside can view inwards.

In summary, the “dark side” will be able to view the “bright side”.

Zip Blinds fabrics are perforated with very tiny holes (1% perforation). They can still block normal rain splashes well. But when strong wind blows the rain towards the blind, a bit of rain water will still seep through the tiny holes. Please be mindful that the Zip Blind system is not a 100% watertight solution.

The Zip Blind has a typical max width of 5m. However that max width is only doable for ground units. For condos and etc, a more practical width is around 2.7-2.8m so as to be able to go into the lift. Sometimes, if the balcony width is about 3.5m, you might be able do one wide piece but we will need to climb stairs with additional labour cost. Anything wider than that, you’ll have to split the blinds into 2 sets.
For condos with a MA, the colours would have already been determined by the management. Do check with them on the approved colour codes. They would have a sample in their office. We should be able to match 90% of the fabric colours in the market. For the frame colours, no problem at all as we offer free powder coating for now.

A normal 3-pin socket power point is required. Cable casing will be laid to the nearest point. If there is no existing power socket in the balcony, you will need to hire your own certified electrician to fix up one point.

As the fabric is an outdoor mesh by nature, it will naturally have minor imperfections due to its flexible weave material. Crease lines & minor “distortions” in the mesh are to be expected, especially in areas near the side tracks. This is especially true as the blind has been rolled up during storage & transport.

Leave the blind down for a few days, over time & under sunlight, some creases/distortions may disappear while others remain. This is not a cause for concern and is considered standard.

One should NOT expect the zip blind to have a solid smooth surface as the fabric will expand & contract when subject to rain, sun & wind over time.

Zip Blinds Options

Proudly assembled in Singapore. 2 brands available.

Zip Blinds Singapore - Give your balcony motorised shades-watermark

1) DirectZip™

DirectZip™ is our in-house brand for the Zip Blind. By partnering with a local manufacturer in Singapore, we offer it as a budget-friendly choice with great performance and success.

Special time-limited promo available!


Tired of dealing with flimsy or loose zip blinds? Try ShyZip, made in Japan, originally developed for their famous bullet trains.

Special time-limited promo available!

SHY ZIP installed in outdoor balcony in Gramercy Park Condo Angle Shot

DirectZip™ vs SHYZIP®

Price (psf)
Tracks & Zip System
1% openness USA Phifer
1% openness USA Phifer
Dooya China / AOK China
Dooya China / AOK China
2 + 3 years
5 years

Main Parts of a Zip Blind

Zip fastener System for Zip Blinds
Unique Zip Fastener System

Zip Blind uses a special hidden zip fastener system to safely secure the blind fabric onto the side tracks. These track guides along with the secure zip system will prevent the blind from flapping too much under strong winds and allow the Zip Blind to glide up and down seamlessly. This set-up offers a modern, clean and sleek look to your space!

SheerWeave® Fabrics

SheerWeave® fabrics are manufactured by PHIFER USA in their state-of-the-art facility with the highest standards. These fabrics diffuse light while reducing glare and heat, helping you to create a comfortable space to enjoy in.

Sheerweave Fabrics
Dooya Tubular Motor

DOOYA Tubular Motor

DOOYA® is a leading global manufacturer from China with more than 130 registered patents. It implements the international standard: ISO 9001 quality management system, resulting in a high quality motor that is highly efficient for your Zip Blind.

How it works.​

4 easy steps to get your Zip Blinds.

Step 1


Check if your estate allow Zip Blinds installation and the approved colour codes.

Step 2

Instant Estimate

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Step 3

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Step 4


Enjoy your newly reclaimed outdoor space!

Verified Zip Blind Reviews from Google.

What our happy clients say.

Team is very responsive and patience with my queries with regards to what I want. Efficient and helpful they fulfilled our request very quickly. We installed the Zip Track blinds and am very impress with their finishing. I highly recommend DC if your looking for affordable yet reliant source.


We had a great experience working with Direct Curtain to install Zip Blinds in our balcony. The team was always prompt and responsive, and the measurement and installation process was fuss free. Their price was reasonable as well. Will definitely go back to them in the future!

Yini review for zip blinds

Yini Chua

A breakaway from traditions where brokers are displaced by robots, driving lower overheads and higher efficiency. This is Direct Curtain. 11 sets of smart home Zip Blinds were installed professionally within 10hrs end to end all inclusive is superb productivity, translating into reasonable quotes to customers with NO compromises on quality or support. I like Direct Curtain. Alot. And I’m confident you will, too. 6 stars, not 5.

Alvin review for zip blinds

Alvin S.

Stop Wasting Your Outdoor Balcony Space

Enjoy a customised Zip Blinds service experience.

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with an annoying salesman or a shady quote with hidden costs. We believe home decor should be an enjoyable process.

We have helped hundreds of homes to reclaim their outdoor spaces with Zip Blinds.

You will work directly with us and our partner for fast, responsive service. Put your mind at ease with us.

Be inspired by our Zip Blinds in real homes.

Clients like you have transformed their outdoor space & balconies with stunning zip blinds.

FAQ on Zip Blinds

Zip Blind is the general category name of such blinds. They are also commonly known as Zip Track Blinds, Track Guided Blinds, Track System Blinds, Zip Track and etc.

The side channel tracks hold the blinds in place to prevent flapping under high wind conditions.

And Zip Blinds are motorised for easy, seamless operation.

Yes, by choosing at least 1% openness sunscreen mesh fabric, the zip blinds can retain about 95%-99% aircon cool air.

Definitely so.

Take a $1.5M condo for example. Assume the balcony is 2.5m length by 1.5m width, which works out to be 40 sq ft floor area for the balcony.

If the whole condo floor area was 1000 sq ft, that balcony space would have cost about $60k, which is a pretty expensive outdoor space being put to waste. If your balcony is larger, it will have cost even more!

By investing in the Zip Blind, you now get to “enclose” the outdoor balcony and extend your indoor living space, which now makes it more worthwhile for the additional space.

Zip Blind is the general category name for such blinds. (Other common names include Zip Track Blinds, Zip Track, Track-Guided Blinds, Windproof Blinds and etc.)

Ziptrak (without the ‘c’) is a brand that hails from Australia, alongside with Zipscreen.

There are many other brands from different vendors, just like DirectZip™ is our own in-house brand, you might have heard of other brands such as SHYZIP® from Japan.

All of which falls under the “Zip Blinds” general category for such outdoor blinds.

The Zip Blinds use a special patented Zip fastener system to secure the blind fabric onto the side tracks. 

This setup allows the blind to roll up and down smoothly and still prevent the blind from flapping under wind.

Hence, Zip Blinds are also known as Windproof Blinds.

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