Payment Details for Direct Curtain

For deposit, please make a payment equivalent to at least 60% of your order amount. Once we received it, we will begin to process your order the next working day (Monday to Friday).

After the completion of installation, please make the balance payment via below methods on the same day.

Note: Please indicate your Order Number in the bill reference field if it is available.

Below are the different ways to make payment, PayNow or Bank Transfers are much preferred. Click on them to learn more.

Make QR CODE Payment (PayNow / PayLah!)

Make payment using your Mobile Banking app or DBS PayLah! app by scanning below QR code.

This same QR code is available on the top right corner of the order form.

(Or if you are on a mobile phone, you can "long press" on the QR code to save it into your phone's gallery, then load it in Step 2.)

Step 1) Log in to your bank’s mobile banking app.

Step 2) Scan (or load from your gallery) the QR code using your bank’s app. When you are in the PayNow page, upper right corner will show a scan icon. Click on that to start scanning.

Step 3) Verify that the recipient’s name is Direct Curtain.

Step 4) Enter the amount to be transferred.

Step 5) Enter the Invoice/Order Number into the "Bill Reference" box.

Step 6) Confirm the transfer.

Send Payment using our UEN (Unique Entity Code)

Step 1) Log in to your bank’s existing internet banking or mobile banking app.

Step 2) At the PayNow transfer screen, enter our UEN: 53365351K and wait for a few seconds for the entity name "Direct Curtain" to appear before you click "Next". 

Step 3) Enter the amount to be transferred.

Step 4) Enter the Invoice/Order Number into the "Bill Reference Number" box.

Step 5) Confirm the transfer.

Business Name:
Direct Curtain

DBS Business Current Account:


Note: Enter the Invoice/Order Number into the reference box if any.

Tip: If your bank is other than DBS/POSB, you can use FAST transfer for instant processing.

FAST (Fast And Secure Transfers) is an electronic funds transfer service that allows customers to transfer SGD funds almost immediately between accounts of the 20 participating banks in Singapore.

Go Cashless with GrabPay

Using GrabPay, you can use your credit/debit card or pay with GrabPay Wallet.​

direct curtain grappay qr code

Step 1) Open your Grab app and tap on "Pay".

Step 2) Scan the QR code.

Step 3) Verify that the recipient’s name is Direct Curtain.

Step 4) Enter the amount carefully. (Don't worry, if there is a mistake, inform us and we can process refunds by the next working day.)

Step 5) Slide to send payment.

Step 6) You will receive a receipt indicating payment amount. Please send us a screenshot so that we can tag the payment to your invoice.

Direct Curtain supports the e-payment initiatives to go towards a cashless and cheque-free Singapore. (Learn more about PayNow.)

PayNow allows customers to send funds securely and instantly from one to another by using just their mobile number or NRIC.

For making payments to Merchants, they just need the UEN or QR code.

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