Korean Combi Blinds Light Blockage Demonstration

Discover the different light blockage levels for the different types of Korean Combi Blinds fabrics and materials in Singapore.

If you prefer to read, the transcript is just below the video.

Hi, I’m Timothy here.

Today I am here to you show the different kinds of level of blockage for the different kinds of materials for the combi blinds.

Firstly, I will show you the basic collection.

For now, today, we will switch off all the lights to do the experiment for you to see.

So we have switched off the lights.

I will be using the torchlight of the handphone as an illustration or to act as the sunlight.

Of course, the torchlight will be much more sharper in terms of the brightness.

So now I will show you the basic collection for the combi blinds.

This is the basic one which I have mentioned before, its at 50%-60%.

Ok, this is the netting (translucent fabric) so that you can have 50% daylight and 50% blockage.

Now I will switch to blockage.

Yes, this is the level of 50%.

As I said, the level depends on the colours also.

So, I will show you the darker colour.

This is the darker colour, dark brown colour.

ok, that was for the plain design one.

I will show you the textured design one now.

This will be the textured design.

So you take note..if you choose the textured design..you will see those kind of gaps in-between the fabrics.

Usually when you choose the colour, for example if you chose a grey color, once the sunlight shine onto the grey colour, it will become lighter colour.

So you need to take note if you want to choose lighter color, for example light grey…when the sunlight shine through, the colours will turn even lighter.

Next, I will show you the other collection which is the blackout collection.

So, this is the blackout collection, it will block 80% to 90% of the sunlight.

This is when we closed it, and this is when we opened it.

So you see the netting (sheer fabric panel).. the difference between a basic netting..and the blackout netting.

So when I switched to blackout, this is the effect.

Okay, so just now I have demonstrated on the different kinds of coverage for the sunlight for different kinds of materials.

So for those who like to sleep with more darkness in their rooms, you can go for blackout materials.

And for those that have areas that you want to have more brightness, you can go for the basic collection.

Some of our customers that are really really very sensitive to light, they will request to have [some] kind of system that we use to minimise the light from slipping through into the gap.

Yes, we do have this kind of system.

But this one, I will touch on it in the other episode on the different kinds of system, I will elaborate in that episode.

Thank you, see you.

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