What are the common types of Korean Combi Blinds in Singapore?

Discover the common types of Korean Combination Blinds available in Singapore.

Learn about the difference in materials, designs and find out which one is more suitable for you.

If you prefer to read, the transcript is just below the video.

Hello everybody, I’m Timothy here.

Today I am here to share with you the different types of Combi Blinds.

Basically, there are 3 main types of materials for Combi Blinds.

The first type which we called is the basic type.

The basic type..

[Ok…can I speak Mandarin instead?

Can or not….haha]

Ok, I speak Mandarin ah..for combi blinds, we have 3 different types of materials.

The first one is this type, the thinner ones…which we referred to them as the Basic series.

The basic ones have two types of fabrics.

One type is plain, the other type is textured.

So why are they considered Basic? Number 1, their light blockage level is not so high.

If you choose dark coloured fabrics, the light blockage level is about 50%-60%.

If you choose light coloured ones.. e.g. white or light grey, it is only about 40%.

So where do most of the customers like to install the basic combi blinds at?

The top spot will be the living room.

The second spot will be the study room.

And for those homes which do not have much natural light..they will usually choose this type of basic combi blinds.

The second type of Combi Blinds is the Designer series or the Designer category.

Why do we call them the Designer series?

Because you can see that for each light blocking band, special pleated designs are added.

Just like this model here.

This is our pleated combi blinds.

The functions are similar to the basic ones.

They also block out light at about 50%-60%…depending on the colours of the fabrics.

So for those customers who find that the basic collection is too plain..if you want to add more designs..you can consider choosing the designer collection.

Either the pleated type or this type of tri-colour shades.

For this tri-colour type, we have seen many customers like to place them in their kids’ rooms.

Looks more lively, not so boring.

Looks a bit more special.

There are pink, blue, black and many other colours for you to choose from.

So this is the second main type of combi blinds.

The third main type of combi blinds, which a lot of customers like to place in their master bedrooms…is what we called the Blackout collection.

Even though we called them Blackout..the light blockage level is about 80-90%.

So for this type, most customers choose to place them in their bedrooms.

Their fabrics is much thicker than the first two collections.

You can feel that it is much thicker by touch, as compared to the basic and designer collections.

The other point is on its netting bands (sheer fabric panel).

Blackout series uses sheer netting.

The basic series netting are porous.

Some customers have feedback that the basic netting get hooked easily..so they prefer blackout fabrics as they prefer it’s type of netting.

And for this type of netting, privacy level is much higher.

Ok, that’s all for today.

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