Do all Combi Blinds have the same gaps?

Learn about the components that affect the gaps in-between the korean combi blinds fabrics and panels, which will the light seepage through the panels, thus affecting your sleep.

If you prefer to read, the transcript is just below the video.

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Okay, hello, everybody, I’m Timothy.

Today, I want to touch on on the two most important components of the Combi Blind.

First, it’s the tube system of the Combi Blind, the second, is the bottom bar of the Combi Blind.

Come, let me introduce to you the first one, single tube.

Okay, this is the single tube Combi Blind,

Usually the single tube, will come with the U-shaped bottom bar.

Usually for this kind of Combi Blind, the gap between the two fabrics, will be very wide.

Another type that I’m gonna introduce to you all, is called the double-tube system.

I will use my portable mock-up to [explain to] you all.

This is the double tube system.

Single tube here, single tube here.

Total up, front and back (up and down), you see, okay?

This is the pentagon shaped bottom bar.

Okay, come, take a look at the gap.

You can see that is the bare minimum gap.

So, double tube, pentagon bar, it’s these two things you all need to take note..

If you are those customers, that want the blind to minimize the light seeping in through the gap.

So these are the two things that you need to take note, if you want fully black-out for your Combi Blind.

If you’re using this double-tube system, with the pentagon bar, adding on the black-out material, it will give you a 95% black-out level for the Combi Blind.

Okay, that’s all for today, thank you.

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